Residential Mortgage Lending: Principles & Practices (E-Book)

Pinkowish, Thomas J. – Community Lending Institute
Publication Date: 2011/05/18
Edition: 6
ISBN 10: 0-324-78464-3
ISBN 13: 978-0-324-78464-0
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Book Description

This unique text is designed for both employees of mortgage lenders and individuals studying real estate finance. In addition to covering the fundamentals of mortgage banking, it includes strategies for succeeding in today’s competitive market. With a focus on on the practical applications of residential mortgage lending, this guide is an excellent resource for learning mortgage banking operations. Topics include the latest mortgage laws and regulations, government mortgage programs, and information on the recent housing crisis.

Table of Contents

1. History.
2. Real Estate Law.
3. Role of Lending.
4. Mortgage Lenders.
5. Secondary Mortgage Market.
6. Conventional Mortgage Lending.
7. Government Lending.
8. Private Mortgage Insurance.
9. Construction Lending.
10. Equity Lending.
11. Compliance.
12. Origination and Processing.
13. Underwriting.
14. Appraisals.
15. Closing.
16. Loan Administration.
17. Selling Loans.
18. Lending Strategies.

Pinkowish, Thomas J. – Community Lending Institute

Thomas Pinkowish works in mortgage and consumer lending at the national, state, and local level as a lender, educator, and consultant. Over his twenty-nine year career, Tom worked with regulators, government agencies, thrifts, community banks, credit unions, and national trade associations, as well as local and national mortgage companies. As an educator, Tom served for fifteen years as Director of the National Mortgage Institute and Community Lending Institute for the American Bankers Association and America's Community Bankers. He serves as a Director for the Connecticut Mortgage Bankers Association and is its Education Committee co-chair. He also is a consultant with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) in the mortgage education and testing area. Tom has twenty years of experience designing and teaching courses for hundreds of bank, credit union, and mortgage banking employees, as well as their state and federal regulators. As a lender and consultant, Tom worked in lending and compliance with lenders ranging from $11 million to $70 billion in assets. He held management positions in: residential and consumer lending; secondary marketing; loan servicing; compliance; and operations. In addition to managing lending departments and staff, Tom's experience includes: underwriting in over 31 states; integrating mortgage banking operations into community banks; redesigning loan origination and servicing departments; and developing policies, procedures, and operations for residential, consumer, construction, income property, and secondary market lending. Tom is a corporator for a CT community bank, a 1998 graduate of America's Community Bankers' National School of Banking and a 1992 honors graduate of the Connecticut School of Finance and Management. He published several articles individually and co-authored with Marshall Dennis the industry standard textbook, Residential Mortgage Lending, 5th edition (Copyright 2003).

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