Real Estate Finance, 10th Edition

J. Keith Baker & John P. Wiedemer
Publication Date: 2015/12/09
Edition: 10
ISBN 10: 1-62980-020-1
ISBN 13: 978-1-62980-020-2
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Book Description

Real Estate Finance, 10th Edition details contemporary residential and commercial real estate finance, explaining how these financial markets work. The 10th edition has been updated to reflect current principles and practices of modern real estate finance resulting from the recent financial crisis, mortgage meltdown, and prolonged road to recovery. This text provides coverage of specialized mortgage lending procedures including: sources of mortgage money, constraints on those sources, loan qualifications, and laws and regulations that guide practices today. The easy-to-read narrative format provides an accessible introduction for the novice student, as well as an invaluable overview for experienced professionals.


  • Lists useful web addresses as resources for additional learning in each chapter
  • Includes revisions that have occurred in the secondary mortgage market for mortgage-backed securities to enhance understanding of the two main government-sponsored agencies
  • Discusses the lingering effects of Wall Street Reform and the Consumer Protection Act
  • Covers the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule

Table of Contents

1. History and Background
2. Money and Interest Rates
3. Mortgage Money: Regulated Lenders
4. Other Primary Market Lenders
5. Mortgage Money: The Secondary Market
6. The Mortgage Documents
7. Mortgage Repayment Plans
8. Federal Government Underwriting Programs
9. Borrower Qualification
10. Property Analysis
11. Commercial Loans: Construction and Land Loans
12. Commercial Building and Farm Loans
13. Other Financing Practices
14. Technology Advances in Mortgage Lending
15. Environmental Issues
16. Settlement Procedures

J. Keith Baker & John P. Wiedemer

J. Keith Baker

J. Keith Baker is an accomplished author, noted speaker, and knowledge leader in the fields of real estate finance and mortgage banking. Mr. Baker began his work in real estate finance by performing inspections for construction loan draws with Peoples Bank & Trust and later was a team member that helped start a mortgage loan department. Mr. Baker then worked as an investment officer for Texas Commerce Bank, dealing with financing of state residential mortgage bonds and underwriting multifamily project note financing. After finishing post baccalaureate work, he started to work for Kenneth Leventhal and Co., then the global CPA firm leader in real estate accounting and finance (now a division of Ernst & Young). At Leventhal, Mr. Baker performed due diligence for bond issues and housing bonds and worked on audits of home builders, mortgage companies, and savings and loans. He was recruited by the Mutual of New York (MONY), where he served as Vice President of Management Resources; President of MONY CS, Inc., a troubled asset management company in Houston; Interim CFO of MONY Subsidiary North American Mortgage Company; member of the Board of Directors for MONY Bank & Trust – Grand Cayman, and was a standing member of the Investment Committee for MONY.

Mr. Baker was later a Senior Vice President for Enhance Financial Services Group, Inc., serving as CFO of Credit Based Business; a member of the New Products & Ventures Team; a member of the Board of Managers for Credit Based Asset Securitization & Servicing, LLC and Sherman Financial, LLC; and a member of the Board of Directors of SBF Security and Guarantee SA. He was on the business development team, forming a mortgage financing subsidiary in Brazil and a mortgage servicing software development firm in Peru.

He is a certified Financial Planner and a Certified Public Accountant, and holds both an MBA and an MS in Financial Services. He is CEO of Baker Capital Consultants, providing consulting services for hedge funds and private wealth management firms, performing pre-offer due diligence reviews, and developing models for mortgage origination and mortgage servicing operations. He is the Program Coordinator for the Mortgage Banking Program at North Lake College.

John P. Wiedemer

The late Dr. Wiedemer began his very active life by participation in the Boy Scouts, having received his Eagle Award from Harry Truman. He graduated from the Wharton School of Business, worked in his family’s business, served as a Naval flight instructor during World War II, spent many years in the oil and gas business, and started various subsidiary companies. A founding member and early President of the Albuquerque Petroleum Club, Dr. Wiedemer eventually relocated to Houston, where he became active in real estate education. He served as president of TRETA, and the national Real Estate Educator’s Association named their highest teaching award after him, “The Jack Wiedemer Distinguished Career Award.”

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