Basic Real Estate Appraisal, 9th Edition

Richard H. Betts and James A. Glickman
Publication Date: 2015/10/06
Edition: 9
ISBN 10: 162980018X
ISBN 13: 978-1-62980-018-9
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Book Description

Written by instructors for instructors, Basic Real Estate Appraisal covers the fundamentals of the appraisal business, making concepts accessible for aspiring real estate appraisers. It also helps real estate salespeople, brokers, consumers, investors, and all others seeking a better understanding of the role of appraisers in today’s real estate market. This ninth edition reflects the major changes in appraising and appraisal regulations in recent years, including changes to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) in the 2014–2015 Edition, as well as those approved for the 2016–2017 Edition. This edition also addresses the Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) and the Market Conditions Addendum used in single-family residential appraisals for lending purposes.

Table of Contents

1. Real Estate Appraisal and You
2. Legal Considerations in Appraisal
3. The Formal Appraisal Process
4. Focus on Neighborhood, Community, and Market
5. Real Estate Economics and Value
6. Property Inspection and Analysis: The Site
7. Property Inspection and Anlaysis: The Improvements
8. The Sales Comparison Approach
9. Analyzing and Adjusting Comparable Sales
10. Valuing the Site
11. Introducing the Cost Approach
12. Estimating Loss in Value: Accrued Depreciation
13. The Income Approach
14. Income Capitalization: Rates and Techniques
15. Reconciling the Value Estimates
16. Reporting Appraisal Opinions
17. Appraising Special Ownerships and Interests
18. The Professional Appraiser

Richard H. Betts and James A. Glickman

Richard M. Betts

Mr. Betts is a California Certified General Real Estate Appraiser and consultant in Oakland, California. He was educated at the University of California, Berkeley, where he earned BS and MBA degrees in business administration, with emphasis in real estate. Subsequent educational work includes a Real Estate Certificate, as well as many courses from AIREA, SREA, and AI. Mr. Betts has extensive experience as a fee appraiser, including expert witness appraisal before various courts and assessment appeal boards.

He has taught numerous times for Merritt Community College; the University of California, Berkeley, Extension Division; AIREA; SREA; and the Appraisal Institute. He has also taught for IAAO (Courses, 1, 2, and 3); the University of Southern California; and the University of California, Berkeley, School of Business. Mr. Betts holds the professional designations MAI, SRA, and ASA (Real Estate), and is a past president of both the Northern California Chapter 11 of AIREA and the East Bay Chapter 54 of SREA. For some years, Mr. Betts served on national committees of AIREA, including the National Editorial Board of The Appraisal Journal. Mr. Betts was for some year’s president of REAMUG, the appraisers’ computer user group. He coauthored The Essentials of Real Estate Economics, 5th ed., published by Cengage Learning, now OnCourse Learning, in 2011.

James A. Glickman

Mr. Glickman is a California Certified General Real Estate Appraiser and educator in Sacramento, California. He was educated at the University of Missouri – Columbia, where he earned a BS degree in Environmental Design. The initial exposure to real estate began early in life with his father – Les Glickman – a prominent broker and appraiser in St. Louis, Missouri. His first real estate appraisal courses were taken at a community college. Subsequent education in both appraisal and brokerage has included offerings from the Missouri Association of REALTORS®, AIREA, AI, University of Wisconsin – Extension, The Appraisal Foundation, and the IAAO. Mr. Glickman’s appraisal experience over the years has included working as a staff appraiser with a lender, as a fee appraiser, and with the Sacramento County Assessor’s Office.

He is an Adjunct Professor with American
River College. He has developed and instructed workshops and seminars for the Sacramento-Sierra Chapter of the Appraisal Institute since the early 1980’s, and is past president of that chapter. Mr. Glickman holds the MAI professional designation. He is a member of IAAO, and was a presenter at that organization’s 80th Annual International Conference. In addition to his other job duties at the Assessor’s Office, Mr. Glickman trains and mentors new appraisal staff members and monitors and develops valuation procedures and resources

The late Silas J. Ely

Mr. Ely was a California Certified General Real Estate Appraiser, instructor, and educational consultant. He passed away in 2006. He was a graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles, where he earned a BA degree in political science and a certificate in real estate. For many years, Mr. Ely was a principal appraiser and regional manager for the Los Angeles County Assessor. Mr. Ely was an appraisal instructor for over 20 years, first at both Los Angeles Valley and Santa Monica Colleges, and later at the College of the Canyons. Also, he was a senior faculty member in appraisal for the University of Southern California College of Continuing Education. Mr. Ely was the 1978 chairman of the California Association of Real Estate Teachers and a past president of the Los Angeles County Chapter of the IAAO. A Director Emeritus of the California Real Estate Education Association and long-time member of the Real Estate Educators Association, Mr. Ely held the RECI designation of the former group. He was a recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award for 1979 from the California Association of Real Estate Teachers. A continuing author of the California Community College Instructor and Student Guides for Real Estate Appraisal, he also was an educational consultant for the American Society of Appraisers, authoring the 1997–1998 instructor and student manuals used in their Course RP201, Introduction to Real Property Valuation. He was a major contributor to the teaching of real estate appraisal and is greatly missed.

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