Why OnCourse Learning?

10 reasons you should choose OnCourse Learning Publishing resources:

  1. Esteemed authors: Independent subject matter experts, not in-house writers, write the textbooks you select. These experts are working professionals and academics from top-rated schools, such as MIT and Harvard, who have real-time, in-depth knowledge about the real business world because they are living it. Our authors are completely in touch with their subject and those who want to teach it.
  2. Comprehensive content: Our comprehensive line of titles fulfills course needs for schools, colleges and universities, and covers multiple industries, providing a one-stop-shopping experience for a variety of needs.
  3. Competitive pricing: Compare OnCourse Publishing with other publishers and you will find that our pricing is extremely attractive.
  4. Customer service: One of the benefits of being a smaller, more flexible company is our hands-on service that values each customer.
  5. Broad and deep knowledge base: The collaboration between OnCourse Publishing and OnCourse Learning enhances your access to knowledge and resources from a number of industries, including Real Estate, Property Appraisal, Mortgage, Banking and Home Inspection.
  6. Instructor support: Instructors have access to an array of resource materials to help guide lectures, update changing regulations and assess students. See our partners page.
  7. Student support: Helpful information is easily accessible on our website such as PowerPoint for lecture support or self-study.
  8. The latest updates: We are constantly updating our content to ensure that instructors and students have the most up-to-the-minute information.
  9. Convenient online ordering: Our website is a valuable online resource that delivers 24/7/365 access for purchasing books, tracking orders, receiving support materials and discovering the latest products.
  10. Industry leadership: With years of experience, we have built many trusted relationships with customers who recognize that OnCourse Publishing offers superior, accurate educational materials authored by experts who are widely recognized in their fields.